Our team

Our team

Vitaliy Krets

A litigator with over 25 years of professional experience, prior to joining Semenov & Pevzner Vitaliy was the head of legal of Tomsk Media Group, worked at the Moscow Bureau of Media Lawyers Collegium, and led the Moscow office of INTELLECT-C, a Russian law firm. Vitaliy is the founder and chief editor of the magazine ‘Legal Business’. Vitaliy has won in over 300 cases. He is a member of the Association of Lawyers of Russia.

Compensations awarded in roubles
Counterfeit goods destroyed
Civil disputes won
Piracy websites blocked
Mobile apps blocked

Semenov & Pevzner is an energetic team of intellectual property lawyers.
We negotiate in the interests of our clients, work on transactions and give advice on the best approaches to solving business problems.

Proactive, professionalism
and dedication are combined with the indifference to the business of our clients.


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